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Media Center
Instructor: Ms. Grathen   

Media Slideshow!
Congratulations to Lindsey Moon and Family!!
Lindsey Moon; her mom, Suzanne Moon; and her grandmother, Shirley Flippin; spent so much money at the evening shopping event that they won several gift baskets. Lindsey is pictured here with one of those gift baskets ~ congratulations!!
Book Fair is Early This Year!!
The Book Fair took place during the week of November 7th this year with evening shopping available on Tuesday during the Open House. Students were encouraged to buy their teachers a gift (see picture) and many students did just that: every teacher received something from the Book Fair!
More Pix from Library Orientation
Those puzzles were no match for our super-smart 6th graders (pictured here)!!!
2015-2016 Library Orientation!!!
Each year, the library/media center develops a year-long theme and this year’s theme is: “Where will STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) take you? EVERYWHERE!!!”. All NEMS students visited the library to learn policies and procedures. In addition, students viewed a powerpoint presentation, did an interest survey, checked out books and completed “Survivor” type challenge: teams had to locate a certain book and when all the members of the team did that, the team had to put together a giant puzzle (see picture) to see where STEAM would take THEM!!! Students had a great time and Ms. Grathen was able to use the results of the scavenger hunt as a diagnostic tool to determine which students needed help.
Thank you to our Donors!
We are grateful to all those who donated to the program!!!
Auction Students Walk Away with Big Prizes!!!
Reading Program Results
(In this picture, 6th graders prepared to shop!)
Before we kick off the 2015-2016 school year, we would like to announce that the 2014 - 2015 Reading Program was a big success:
181 students read and
passed tests on 1866
books for 9886 points!!!

Earth Day Activities!
All New Ellenton students came to the library during our first week back from Spring Break. Students watched two short video clips and learned about the interconnectedness of all living species as well as global warming. Special attention was given to the plight of the Polar Bears as their habitat begins to disappear as a result of Global Warming. (Savannah Dawes pictured.) The NEMS community raised money to adopt forest land in the Central Appalchians – part of South Carolina is located there! Students paid $2 to squirt Ms. Grathen with mustard, ketchup, whipped cream, or colored water. Thanks to these efforts, the NEMS community was able to save five acres. Way to go students!
Ms. Grathen Steps Up to Save Forests!
Grand Prize Winner in Black History Contest!
Congratulations to Anthony Ward ! All of the guesses for the contest were placed in a basket and Anthony’s name was pulled during the Black History Program! He won a beautiful prize basket (pictured) from the Fresh Market!
Grand Prize Winner - Black History Month!!
Famous African Americans Featured in the Black History Contest!
Black History Month
Black History Month
In conjunction with the Black History Month presentation produced by Mrs. Fontanez, the library sponsored a contest to guess famous people who used their college degree to do great things!
Reading Program Update!
Fifth Rotation Winners!!
We are rapidly approaching the end of the reading program and students are being encouraged to refocus their efforts. The High Points Winners for the fifth rotation were Julia Parrott and Jason Key (pictured).
Students are reminded of the grade level challenge during this rotation: the class in each grade who receives the most points will celebrate with a doughnut party. Who will win?! Check back to see. And students: remember that every point you earn will be used to purchase cool gifts in our store.
Boxtops Drive Winner!
Library Boxtops Drive!!
New Ellenton students were encouraged to bring in Boxtops to raise money for the Reading Motivation Program. Prize packages were awarded to all who participated. The grand prize winner was drawn from a basket on March 10th – congratulations to 6th grader Josiah Bush who walked away with a Visa $25 gift card!
Reading Program Going Strong!!
Reading Update
Congratulations to the winners of the fourth rotation! John Buyck and Timeshia Wright each received $5 for being the high points winners! Great Job!! Keep reading!!
New Ellenton Sweeps Fresh Market Contest!
New Ellenton students took both prizes in the Fresh Market Design a Bag Contest! Savannah Vinson’s artwork (pictured) took first place and she received a $50 gift certificate to the Fresh Market for her efforts. Her design is being forwarded to the national competition! Jessica Frias came in second and received a $25 gift certificate. Congratulations to both these students and a big thank you to Ms. Fontanez for collaborating with Ms. Grathen to produce the winners!
Fresh Market Research
Ms. Grathen and Ms. Fontanez collaborated on the Fresh Market contest this year. Ms. Grathen spoke with students about the need to do “market research” anytime that you enter a contest. Getting to know the sponsors of a contest help you to produce an entry that will please your “clients”. Students learned about the history and the departments of the Fresh Market, as well as tips for producing a good design. All students watched a video showing award winning print ads to inspire them. Once the students completed their research, Ms. Fontanez worked her magic by helping her students to produce entries that addressed such principles as color, shadow and perspective. We look forward to good results! (Pictured on the right, a student works hard to produce a winning entry!)
Reading Program Update - Forging Ahead!
Here’s the latest update on the Reading Program! We just finished our third rotation and students have passed tests on 1179 books and scored 5961 points! In the Driver’s Seat for this rotation are Mason Greene and Trinity Ball (pictured here). Congrats to these two students!
Library hosts School Spelling
Congratulations to the following students who placed first, second and third in the New Ellenton Middle School Spelling Bee: Cameron Fookes, Kailyn McDaniel, and Caleb Hornsby. The area bee will take place on January 14th at Jackson Middle School. Good luck to our students!
Holiday Shopping at the Book Fair!
Book Fair is a success! Students and parents visited the Book Fair on Tuesday, December 9th both before and after the Night of the Arts/Band Concert/Spaghetti dinner. Not only did the community purchase lots of books and other materials, a host of great prizes (pictured) were awarded to those who shopped early: Ms. Daignault, Joanna Nunez, Mrs. Fontanez, Vivian Allen, Eileen Dandridge, Amy Bailey, Humberto Moreno, and Ms. Matthews - congratulations to all the winners!
Shopping the Fair!
Reading Program Update!
Our program is off to a great start! Over a two week period, students have passed tests on 915 books and scored 4922 points! In the Driver’s Seat for this rotation are Taylor Crosby and Jaiden Garrett. Congrats to these two students! The Reading Program was on hiatus during the Book Fair but restarted during the last week before Christmas Break. Sixth Graders are reading and testing during this week.
Our First Winners in the Driver's Seat!!
Our Reading Counts Reading Program runs in three week rotations: each week a different grade reads and tests. At the end of each rotation, the top points winner for boys and girls is awarded $5. In our very first rotation, we are proud to announce that Madeline Walls and Tristan Thompson are the winners and are in the Driver’s Seat in the library display. Madeline scored a staggering 548 points and Tristan scored an impressive 311 points. Way to go! The class that is currently in the lead is Ms. McNeill’s 8th grade homeroom but it is only the first week of the program. Stay tuned for updates on this webpage and may the best class win!
Author J.E. Thompson visits NEMS Library!
A big thank you to Mrs. Matthews for arranging this author visit! Mr. Thompson presented to each grade level and students had an up close and personal experience with a famous author. Mr. Thompson read excerpts from his books and autographed the books that students bought! (Pictured L-R, Mr. Thompson and Taylor Crosby)
Reading Program Update!
During the first week of the Reading Program, 6th grade read and passed tests on 143 books! Great job 6th Grade! The top reader in 6th grade is Jaiden Garrett with a whopping 149 points. We had our first Café Day on October 24th. Sixth Grade homeroom teachers each chose three students to come to the library to read, test, and enjoy refreshments. Pictured left to right are Johnny Bailey, Jason Key and Jose Huezo who enjoy treats and a cool book!
Guess the Baby Picture Promotes Yearbook Baby Ads!
In order to promote the sale of baby ads in the yearbook, the library sponsored a Guess the Baby Picture contest. Lots of students came in but only three were able to correctly guess the baby in the picture: Mrs. McNeill! Congratulations to Andre Danridge who won $5 and also to Antonio Johnson and Olivia Goode who also received prizes for guessing correctly!
Students Design Book Trailers
The eighth graders in Ms. Overstreet’s ELA classes recently completed a fun project. Students worked on Book Trailers (an advertisement for a book) putting together very cool photostory projects. As a result of this project, students learned about a variety of topics including: copyright infringement and how to avoid it, how to use Photostory, and how to do storyboarding. They learned that everyone in Hollywood does storyboarding….even George Lucas, the director of the Star Wars movie series! (See photo at right to see a student working on a storyboard!)
Contests in the Media Center!
  • Career Words Contest: each week, students are learning a new career word via the morning news and if they can recall the word and definition later in the week, they win a prize!
  • Media Consent Forms: students are turning in Media Consent Forms and receiving a treat when they do. Students are then entered into a drawing and the following have won cool prize bags: Priscila Lopez and Vanessa Lazos.
  • Guess the Faculty in the Baby Picture: to advertise the Baby Ads for sale in the Yearbook, we are sponsoring a contest to guess who the baby is in the baby picture that is posted in the library. Students have a week to come in and make their guess. Correct guesses will be placed in a basket to win a five dollar cash prize on Thursday, October 23rd!
Reading Motivation Program!!
The Reading Motivation Program has begun! Students are visiting the library/media center this week to learn how to win cool prizes by reading books and passing tests on those books. The program will run through the middle of April and points winners have the opportunity to win some fabulous prizes including: an X-Box, a DVD player, and a Bicycle in addition to hundreds of other cool things like books and backpacks! Pictured on the right is Zakyra Donalson who shows how happy she is to pass her first test on the Reading Counts program!
Phobia Research with Sixth Grade

All of the sixth grade ELA students have begun a research project that is perfect for the season: PHOBIAS! Students are reading encyclopedia articles about phobias in general and they are also learning information in detail about a specific phobia. In addition, the students are listening to an NPR broadcast concerning a program that has been designed by CLOWNS to help people overcome their fear of CLOWNS! A little known fact: fear of clowns ranks third on the list of top phobias that people possess!)
Periodic Chart Research Project
The students in Ms. Johnson’s class recently completed a research project on the Periodic Table that helped them learn about many of the different elements. Students used a website authored by the Royal Society of Chemistry to learn about the uses and properties of the element as well as its history. The fun twist to this project was that students had to design a tombstone and list on it all of the facts they learned during their research. Ms. Grathen offered prizes for the best tombstones and Asyanti Walker (pictured) won first place. Congratulations to Asyanti and also to the 2nd place winners: Angela Allen, Morgan Geisler, Dashia Davis, and Priscilla Lopez!
Teachers Drop In!
All faculty and staff were invited to stop by the media center on Friday, September 12th, for refreshments. Faculty received their new Media Policy and Procedure Manual, information on the Reading Program which will begin soon, and signed up for an account with Learn360! In the picture: Ms. Dean - L and Ms. Jordan - R
Handy Tip!
You can click on the calendar on the right to see what classes are doing in the media center.

The Giving Tree
Pictured here is the winner: The Giving Tree!
Winners in the Rev Up for Reading Contest!
Students had a great time and showed a LOT of creativity. Congratulations to the winners: in first place with the Giving Tree were Jasmin Dooley (pictured here), Alexis Taylor, Shawn Fincher and Cameron Castillo. The runners up were the team of Dustin Tronier, Jessica Frias, Chelsea Holmes, Darius Quattlebaum, and Larissa Fiquris with The Train AND Dalton Johnson, Courtney Young and Stephen Vaughn with The Lemonade Stand!
2014-2015: REV-UP for READING!!!
The media center kicked off the year with an activity designed to promote this year's theme: Rev-Up for Reading! Students built structures with boxes previously used to pack the library to allow for the installation of our new carpet! Students were instructed to make a sign that promoted one of the books in the library and integrate the sign into their structure! Students did a great job!
2014-2015 Media Center Events START HERE!!

The CASH CAB Competition is over for this year! Students answered nearly 100 questions about DISCUS, library skills and best research practices. It was a tight race but eighth graders, Kevin Jones and Cierra Smith proved their command of the subject material, winning by one point! What did the winners receive? The two reps split a cash prize of $50 and the class won a pizza party! But the most important thing that the students received is knowledge that will be important to them as they proceed on to High School and in life!

Body Systems Research
During April, Ms. M. Johnson's third period class had fun researching body systems! Students worked in groups and provide written reports on:
  • the body system
  • two different diseases of that system
  • fascinating facts about the body system
Students also drew the body system on to life-size bodies. Students were graded by Ms. Johnson and Ms. Grathen offered a cash prize to the winning body based on the reports and the creativity displayed in drawing the system.
IT's ON!!
The first ever Cash Cab Competition is coming soon! Eighth grade students have been preparing for this event all year! On March 28th, the preliminary competition to determine the reps for each class took place and here are the results:
  • 1st period - David Crutchfield and Sara Labra
  • 2nd period - Kevin Jones and Cierra Smith
  • 5th period - Darius Davis and Luis Ramos
  • 7th period - Alize Graham and Niya Elliott
The final competition will take place on April 25th and the winning reps will split $50 and win a pizza party for their class....but classmates have to study too and be available for those Callouts and Shoutouts! May the best class win!
Black History Month Contest on the Morning News!
All during the month of February, students participated in a contest sponsored by the library to guess the name of famous Black Americans.  Each week, a different winner was drawn from the names of students who submitted correct answers and those students won a prize bag!  The weekly winners were:  Kaitlyn Lowe, Bridgette Brennan, Oscar Lopez, and David Johnson.  At the Black History program, name was drawn from all of the entries and the winner was Christian Barnwell who won $20!  Well done - remember it pays to participate!
Going for the Gold!
Ms. Matthews' classes had a great time researching the Olympics in the library during February.  Students researched the countries participating and the fifteen exciting sports that are featured in Sochi, Russia!  As a component of their research, students watched a video of their sport from the official Olympics website, learned interesting facts about the countries and also had a chance to learn fun facts about the winter olympics.  Did you know that a gold medal from this Olympics consists of 516 grams of silver and 6 grams of gold?  Now you do!
Valentine's Winners
Students at New Ellenton Middle School were challenged to write an essay or poem about what love means to them. Winning entries were read on the morning news and each winner received a Valentine heart filled with candy!
Winner pictured here is Hannah Johnson. Other winners: La Cristal Jones, James Segres, Taylor Young, Anniston Randolph, and Savannah Vinson. Great job!
News Team in the News!
Students producing the morning news were featured in the Aiken Standard on January 22nd.  The reporter from the Standard was impressed with the professionalism that the girls showed while broadcasting the Martin Luther King, Jr. segment.  The team does a great job during their live broadcast which begins at 8:00 each morning.  Pictured left to right - Winter Phillips and D'Annah Patterson.
Market Research for Fresh Market Contest!
Students at New Ellenton had fun doing research for a contest sponsored by The Fresh Market.  Students assumed the role of Advertising Marketing agents and were told to design a picture for their client.  The media center was abuzz with activity as students did the following activities:
  • researched history of The Fresh Market
  • researched the various products and departments at The Fresh Market
  • learned elements of Poster design
  • viewed a video of best print ads from 2013
All completed student entries were sent on to the store but Ms. Grathen sponsored a school wide contest and eleven students received $5 for their designs:  Brianna Duke, Cassidy Smith, Ethan Tomory, Davon Luck, Nicholas Gue, Willis Duncan, Aaron Thompson, Tyler Tronier, Raven Moody, Deja McNulty and Cassie Starks whose beautiful seafood design is pictured here - congratulations to the winners!
Students Dance to Honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
On a special morning news broadcast, students danced to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. These students were also featured in the Aiken Standard newspaper on January 22nd. Pictured left to right Armani Johnson, Patience Green, Diamond Perez, and Myasia Davis. Great job girls!
Book Fair is a Big Sucess!
Thank you to the entire New Ellenton School Community for helping us with our Book Fair.  Not only did we meet our goal of doing 20% better than last year, we nearly DOUBLED the amount of money that we made!  We look forward to increasing our sales each year!  Proceeds benefit our reading program!
Winners in the Crictor Fiction/Non-Fiction Contest!

The following students are runners up in the Crictor contest (see details below in Media Happenings section) and have won a prize:

Tatiana Capo, Frank Walker Jr., Tyler Tronier, Tyler Hall, Kemar Bartley, Melanie Hiatt, Sara Labra, Myasia Davis, and Kailyn Mc Daniel.

The first place winners in each grade are Christina Jarratt-Carter, Kaylee Loveall, and Ashlein Muns.

The winners in the Crictor Rap Song contest are in Ms. Matthew' class:  Chris Holley, Christian Barnwell, Darius Johnson, and Selena Taylor.

Congratulations to these students!

Estimating Pumpkins Contest Winners!
There were 438 pumpkins and the winners of the contest are:

6th Grade - Darius Johnson who guessed 410.
8th Graders who tied - Branden Jones and Raihem McCorkle who guessed 400.
AND in 7th grade with the best estimate in the school - Cameron Lee who guessed 432.

News Team Begins Broadcast!
NEMS NEWS began broadcasting on October 25th.  Congratulations to Kailyn, Justin, Winter, Morgan and D'annah!

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